Creating an environment that supports the growth of the employee has internal and external benefits that companies cannot afford to overlook.

What drives performance?

We know quite well that what motivates employees to perform well, be engaged with their teammates and loyal to their company is not the payment anymore - this is just the first hurdle. It is in fact the recognition of their work, feeling that what they do matter and they are being looked after.

Providing benefits to employees leads to reciprocity; they will become engaged in the enterprise, with increases in loyalty, participation, engagement and productivity.

The cost of an unhealthy workforce:

We specialize in prevention measures. We believe that a problem won’t be a problem if something is done about it early enough. Little measures can go a long, long way to improving health outcomes and saving the company money by reducing staff turn-over, sick leave taken, workers compensation claims and low productivity.

  • Sick Leave, Low energy & Low productivity

Obesity and overweight rates in Australia are through the roof. Weight itself can be a restriction in terms of health and when co-morbidities are also seen, things get a lot harder to manage.

Just short of 80% of males aged 45+ are overweight or obese!

  • Ageing workforce


Last time you checked, what was the average age of your staff? People are taking longer to leave work for a number of reasons, and health problems that were commonly seen in those older than 65, are now being observed much earlier - while they are still in their working years. This includes diabetes, arthritis, mobility issues and other complications.


The earlier these problems are addressed, the simpler it is to manage them. The benefits for lasting healthy work culture are immense for the individual, and the flow on of these benefits will assist the company culture to become high performing and agile to meet the constantly changing requirements of current market. 

  • Staff turn-over


Recruiting and training new staff disrupts the flow of senior workers, slows down daily processes and is a costly exercise overall. A positive social image for the company increases the number of potential candidates interested in the positions available and, with that, the chances of finding the right fit for the business. With the right team, full of energy and engaged in their work, the possibilities are endless!  

Unsure where to start?

Organise a time to speak to Juliana about your team and the specific challenges they are facing. Once we determine we are a good fit, we will put together a unique plan to suit your needs.  

Isn't it the individual's responsibility to look after themselves?

Adults are responsible for their own choices and should know or be able to infer the consequences. But when these adults are stuck in a meeting where all they are offered are sweet biscuits, or in a conference, where lunch options vary from savory muffins to a serve of sugar laden yoghurt - how much is the individual responsible for making a beneficial choice, and how much is the company responsible for providing a supportive environment where they are in fact able to make such a beneficial choice? It's teamwork.


Eating well and creating a positive culture around food can be tricky. It takes more than filling up the fruit bowl. Education and involvement of participants is essential, but often it is hard to group staff in the same room, for a single talk, let alone a series of presentations!


The ‘dump and run’ approach does not work here. Information needs to be provided gradually, with the opportunity for questions to be answered and new strategies trialed, before moving on to the next stage. Simultaneously, small improvements in the workplace will start to occur: the staff room might be organized differently, the meetings are better catered for, the vending machine has some new options and so on. 

What would a healthy workforce give back to my business?

Some companies think that unlimited lollies and Friday afternoon beers are an excellent way of creating a positive culture. It may encourage team bonding, but it does nothing for the health of the employee and the company's long-term success. If your staff are not productive, slumping at 3pm and taking time off to see their GP because of their diabetes, what good is in a meeting room full of treats? None. 

Individuals who are happier and more energetic will:

  • have more energy through the day

  • treat customers better

  • have more positive outcomes when dealing with complaints

  • increase loyalty and corporate citizenship

  • be more productive 

  • have higher engagement and participation

  • require less sick leave

That’s a great benefit for the company and an enormous benefit for the individual!

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Ready to take the first step towards the health of your business and employees?

What can Pura Vida offer my staff?

We offer a range of services that can be mixed and matched to create an effective nutrition program to your workforce. These include: 

  • Wide range of nutrition and behaviour change topics 

  • Flexible content delivery: online or in person | live or pre-recorded

  • Practical workshops to increase team interaction

  • Mini-challenges to keep the conversation going

  • Newsletter content

  • Consultancy to managers regarding catering, travelling, shift-workers and more

  • On site individual appointments to employees 

Our services have been carefully designed by an expert in the field, Accredited Practising Dietitian Juliana Lisboa, with the goal of providing evidence based techniques and information in line with current knowledge. She has years of experience helping people live healthier lives and understands the dynamics of busy workplaces and demanding commitments. 

What NOT to expect

We are passionate and proud of the work we do. Therefore, we reserve the right to choose not to work with companies who are not genuinely invested in making a positive impact in their staff's lives.

The content of corporate programs is designed for general nutrition information and no advice regarding specific medical conditions will be discussed in a group setting. If staff have a chronic condition that requires clinical nutritional intervention, they will require to book an individual appointment with our accredited dietitian Juliana.