Intuitive eating skills for athletes and active people

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Every day we are bombarded with social pressures of physical image, behaviour and even professional choices! 


Athletes have the added pressures of performance, competition and body image expectations.

Perfectionism is sometimes masked as personal excellence, and strict rules start to dictate our lives:

chronic dieting, food group eliminations, calorie counting, carbohydrate counting, eating “clean” and many other strategies.


 More often than not, such impositions are only limiting progress

and seriously impacting both physical and mental health, taking us further from our sporting goals. 

When we are in tune with our body needs, when we honour our internal cues of hunger and satiety, when we get satisfaction out of the food we eat and when we treat our body with respect, then we are able to make choices that work in our favour. We eat what we need to keep our bodies strong, support the training load, and take us to new heights.


There is no guilt. No shame. No feeling out of control.





is a series of workshops and educational sessions that provides the support and guidance to teach you the

empowering skills of intuitive eating 

with a focus on athletes and active people's perspectives.

The aim of this workshop series is to help active people who have struggled with eating rules and restrictions in the past foster a better relationship with food. This is specially for you if: 

- Food is a way of dealing with emotions or stress

- Eating is associated with guilt and anxiety

- You alternate between bingeing and restricting

- Exercise is used to counterbalance foods eaten

- Food is seen as "good" or "bad"


Together we will explore an alternative to diets and restrictive eating patterns, and develop valuable intuitive eating skills. As a result, this program will help you create more trust in your internal signals and make decisions about  eating choices that will honour your hunger, health and training requirements. 




Learn why the diet cycle harms you, assess your starting point and take the first step to ditch the diet mentality!

Module 1

Reject the diet mentality

Discover an alternative for seeing food as "good" and "bad". Increase your awareness of moral judgements.

Module 2

Are all foods the same?

Get in touch with your hunger and fullness cues. Learn how to respond to the different sensations.

Module 3

Hunger & Fullness

The "food police" inside us is always judging our choices. Learn how to deal with this unhelpful voice.

Module 4

Challenging self-talk

Using food to cope with emotions is a learnt habit. Learn how habits are formed and broken

Module 5

Breaking habits

Treat your body well. Explore body image issues that may be fuelling your poor relationship with food.

Module 6

Body Image

Why do you do it? Is it fun and enjoyable? Learn how to use exercise in your favour and not as punishment!

Module 7

The pleasure of exercise

Now with a different mindset, what are some tried and tested nutritional strategies to support your activities?

Module 8

Fuelling your sport


This program is about cultivating a fresh perspective on your health and wellbeing, and providing the tools and resources you need to take practical and inspired action to support your athletic endeavours. 

We will challenge pre-conceived ideas and old habits.

We will be there to support and motivate you along this journey.





Start Thu, 2 August 2018

Mindfully Active   

Web Exclusive

Take advantage of the flexibility and convenience of a fully online program, while having the opportunity to ask questions live. 


- Weekly live sessions for 5 weeks

- Ability to share your story and ask questions

- All content recorded to fit your schedule

- Bonus recorded material to take you further

- Recorded Q&A sessions

- Plenty of practical exercises in each module

- Workbooks provided weekly for each module

- Six months access to program content

- Small groups of up to 10 people

Start: live sessions from 02/08 until 30/08. When: Thursdays from 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Location: Online!



Start Wed, 1 August 2018

Mindfully Active

Hobart Original

If you are in Hobart, join us for the original face to face program! Small exclusive groups of up to 5 participants.


- Weekly face to face sessions for 5 weeks

- Ability to share your story and ask questions

- Access to all online content 

- Bonus recorded material to take you further

- Recorded Q&A sessions

- Plenty of practical exercises in each module

- Workbooks provided for each module

- Six months access to program content online

- Exclusive small group of up to 5 people