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10 Ways to Measure Health Besides Weight

Intuitive eating and a non-diet approach take the focus off the scale. For most people this is a radical departure from what they’ve known, but it often comes as a relief. If weight is no longer the focus though, what is?

While the focus will vary by the individual, ultimately people come to us for better health and improved quality of life. This might look like managing IBS symptoms, overcoming disordered eating, having more energy, or improving blood pressure.

As you start 2021, consider measuring your health in some ways besides the scale. Below are a ten ideas:

1. Better lab values

This could be lower cholesterol or blood pressure, or better blood sugar.

2. Better nutritional labs

If you’ve had a history of anaemia, how is your iron, B12, or folic acid? Is your vitamin D normal?

3. Improved muscle strength

If you lift weights can you lift more than last year? If you don’t formally lift weights, is bringing the groceries in easier?

4. Improved muscle endurance

Even if you’re not lifting heavier weights or objects, perhaps you’re doing more reps or carrying items for longer.

5. Improved aerobic fitness

Do you feel less shortness of breath climbing the stairs or is your walk around the lake five minutes faster?

6. Less anxiety around food

This is harder to measure, but can you go to a party now and not worry about what foods will be served or how you’ll “perform” in what you eat?

7. More energy

Are you making it through the day without that extra cup of coffee or find you’re able to complete the last task on your list?

8. Better focus

When we’re not eating properly it can be hard to focus. Maybe helping the kids with their homework is a bit easier or you’re not zoning out in your late afternoon meeting.

9. Better gut health

This might mean less bloating or abdominal pain, or more regularity.

10. Improved quality of life

This can actually be measured formally (more on that later), but maybe your relationship with your partner is better because you no longer argue over treats in the house. If your fitness has improved perhaps you feel confident about a big trip you’ve always wanted to take.

Interested in shifting focus to life beyond the scale? We're ready for you! Book online, send us an email at or give us a call 0444 518 082.

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