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4 tips to a healthier Easter holiday

Food is a wonderful way to express culture, family and special occasions! However, it’s easy for things to get out of control, so you'll find a few tips below. Before I go any further, let me clarify I’m completely fine with certain foods taking on special holiday meaning, so I’m not advocating for lettuce leaves and chia seeds for Easter brunch.

1. Hunt more than chocolate eggs

You don’t have to eliminate all foods, but challenge yourself to get creative with other fun items. Whether it’s stickers from Frozen II, sidewalk chalk, legos, or lip gloss, what you choose of course depends on the age and preference of the hunters.

2. Simplify the meal

This may happen naturally this year: you're not doing your regular grocery shop, you won't need the extra dishes to feed the extended family, and Aunt Fiona won't be bringing over two too many desserts. If you know you'll already have less food, take note of the meal. Was it still as tasty and enjoyable? If you haven't yet considered simplifying the menu, think about it now. Do you really need 10 different dishes for the immediate family? Are there any nutritional redundancies you could reduce such as selecting two starches instead of three or having one meat instead of two?

3. Be active outside

Every year for Easter at my grandparents, the extended family would take a hike into the woods to see the Spring flowers. While the seasons are switched here, the idea is still the same. Take a walk to look for signs of Autumn: leaves starting to change, a chill in the air, an earlier sunset. Getting outdoors and moving around will be good for your body, mind, and spirit.

4. Evaluate traditional treats

This one can be tricky. Favourite traditions for one family member could be done without by another. Especially if you have teenage or adult children, consider asking them if there is anything they want change. As a kid, I loved Reese's chocolate peanut butter bunnies, but I don't anymore, so having my mum remove those from my Easter treats was appreciated.

What are some ways you've made holidays healthier? Log in to share!

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