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Skills you need to improve your eating habits

I borrowed my dad's car.

His car has a little doodad on the panel, that tells me which gear I should be on.

Fancy, I thought. One less thing to think about.

When I change gears only guided by that doodad, I drive worst, not better.

Changing gears means that not only I need to listen to the car, but also consider the driving conditions and what is coming ahead. The doodad in too narrow focused, and can't see all that I can to make the best decision.

I followed a meal plan.

It tells me when, what and where I should be eating.

Fancy, I though. One less thing to think about.

When I try to follow the meal plan, I eat worse, not better.

Following a strict meal plan, eating by the clock, or postponing our snack by drinking water or coffee makes us disconnected from the whole picture of what our body is needing and how to best respond to it. We make ourselves vulnerable to overeating, feeling out of control around food, and distrusting of our ability to make healthy choices.

Better driving comes from considering all the inputs and making informed decisions based on the current situation. Better eating comes from understanding both external and internal cues, and making informed decisions based on the current situation.

When we give our autonomy away and only listen to external cues, we will eat worst, not better.

If you find hard to distinguish physiological from emotional hunger, feels out of control around food, experience guilt after eating certain foods or finds yourself alternating between periods of overeating or restriction, I can help you develop skills that will put you back into the 'driver's seat'.

Yours in health,


p.s.: Just to make it clear Dad, passengers have kept their limbs inside the car at all times and no photographs were taken while I was driving.

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1 commentaire

Cara Cook
Cara Cook
15 déc. 2022

Brilliant analogy. You are absolutely spot on with the loss of autonomy and going with the flow when we need to.

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