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The goal of this program is to provide you the tools to separate yourself from diet culture mentality, honour your hunger and satiety cues, develop alternative skills to dealing with emotional eating, recognise and work around judgement and feelings of guilt in relation to certain foods, as well as consider alternative ways to see, feed and treat your body that are nourishing, positive and gentle. 

This program is designed for people who would like to improve their relationship with food, and are new to the concepts of Intuitive Eating and the Non-Diet approach. It is also suitable as a refresher to those who are familiar with some of the concepts but would like a more structured approach to cementing these concepts. 


The program is divided into eight core concepts, available inside a password protected portal on Pura Vida’s website. The content consists of a pre-recorded video of up to 30min each, worksheets and further reading suggestions for each of the concepts. You are able to ask questions in the portal or via email, which will be answered as recorded Q&A sessions, and posted on the forum and portal so you can access it at your convenience. 

 Access to the portal and education material is valid for 16 weeks from your program start date. 

- Weekly content: 

Week 1: Identifying and rejecting diet culture
Week 2: Making peace with food & unpacking food rules
Week 3: Understanding and honouring hunger 
Week 4: Getting to know the food police
Week 5: Exploring fullness and satisfaction
Week 6: Dealing with emotional and other non-hungry eating triggers
Week 7: Unpacking Body image 
Week 8: Gentle movement and nutrition 

Eating Intuitively - Self-Paced Program

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